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Youthful skin

Secrets for youthful skin

Want to know how to take years off your face? Just follow these simple tips and tricks that seem to be the real secrets to youthful skin.

Sleep on your back

When you sleep on a stomach or on your side you unknowingly create wrinkles and probably a furrow on one side of the face. To avoid this or at least reduce wrinkles, try sleeping on your back more.


Watch for sun damage

To maximally avoid sun damage and keep the youthful skin as long as possible you should always use sunscreen. It’s best if the sunscreen contains zinc or titanium dioxide. All dermatologists and ophthalmologists recommend to also wear sunglasses when outside and to minimise the squinting.


Don’t overdo it in the gym

While exercising is beneficial to your health, overdoing it in the gym won’t make you look younger. People over 40 that are very athletic and thinner tend to look older because they have less fat under their skin. A little bit of it makes a world of difference. Do exercise, just don’t overdo it.


Trust the drugstore brands

Drugstore-brand anti-aging creams can work just as well as those products that cost to ten times as much. Price isn’t always an indicator of the product’s effectiveness. 

It’s also important to not give up on a product too quickly. Skin cell needs 21 days to be made and to work its way up to the top of the epidermis, so give your new anti-aging cream at least four weeks to do its magic.


Keep your face calm

For youthful skin, it’s also important to watch your temper. If you’re perpetually in an angry and distressed state or you are frequently frowning, fine lines and deep wrinkles will not only occur but stay with you. In this case, muscle memory is a bad thing. So, be mindful and keep your face calm.

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