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BB Cream


Beautiful. This is how you want to look and feel, right? But getting to look perfect takes time. And effort. Right? Well, with BYROKKO’s BB Cream you can look perfect in only a few seconds…

3-in-1 Cream for Your Face

BB Cream combines a foundation, a skin care cream and a moisturizer to provide you with everything your face needs for a flawless look. Great for everyday home use as well as for moments when you are in a hurry.

Beauty Anytime, Anywhere

A surprise visit at home. An unexpected high-profile meeting at work. A morning after a rough night. A busy day that leaves you looking like a mess. All these situations call for a solution that can help you get beautiful when you need it the most. And the solution is the BB Cream. You can apply it practically anywhere in only a few seconds to make your face shine.

Skin Beauty

BB Cream works on multiple levels. It covers imperfections and makes the tone of your skin look more even. And it doesn’t only make you look good, but also feel good as it has a soothing effect. And lastly, it also moisturizes and nourishes the skin with vitamins E and B, complementing great look with great skin care that will keep your face youthful. 

How to Apply 

Just as you would apply any other facial cream. You only need one squeeze of the cream. Apply it to the face using fingers or a sponge. Use circular motions, starting on the inner side of the face. Tap it gently to evenly distribute it through the face. And that’s it – amazing beauty in only a few seconds. 

What Every Woman Needs

This facial cream is what every woman needs – and it has been designed to fit all women’s needs. It is suitable for all skin types, and comes in 2 different shades (light and medium) to allow you to choose the shade that suits your personal style better.

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