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Cosmetics Regulatory and Testing Services

Cosmetics Regulatory and Testing Services

Want to sell cosmetic products in the EU or globally? Then you need to abide by a number of different regulations, prepare various documents, assign staff, go through numerous tests and more. Quite complicated, huh? Especially for experts in cosmetics or sales, and not law and regulation. But we are here to help…

Meet Ceway

Ceway is an experienced cosmetics regulatory and testing service provider for EU and global markets. We help our clients enter global cosmetics markets by helping them meet all regulation and testing requirements set by global or local authorities. And we do all that for markets in Northern America, Asia, EU and specific European countries.

We have helped more than 250 companies in over 30 countries with over 2000 products. Rest assured that we know our business. Our work is guided by knowledge and experience, fast processing and making requirements easy to understand, plus offering a complete service that is cost effective.

Regulation and Tests We Deal With

Depending on the market chosen, there are various regulations, tests and documents that need to be met, prepared or assigned. Cosmetic product classification, product information file with cosmetic safety assessment, product labelling and claims, and CPNP notification, along with several tests, are matters that need to be prepared before you can start selling cosmetics products in the EU for example. The tests required are usually various microbiology tests (total aerobic plate count, yeast and mould count, pathogens test…), challenge test (PET), stability/compatibility tests, efficiency tests and safety tests.

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Our offices are located in Ljubljana, Slovenia and Dublin, Ireland, but we work with various companies across the globe. We are proud members of Cosmetics Consultants Europe and The Society of Cosmetics Scientists, and we have participated in various expert conferences and publications on the topic of cosmetics regulation and testing. And, most importantly, we offer everything you need to enter a cosmetics market from start to finish, across various packages of services to meet all your company’s needs.

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