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Eyebrows are the frame to your face. They have the power to bring out your best facial features or cleverly hide them. We’ve all been there with the over-plucked and too dark. Why not let your clients be treated to a set of artistically shaped and perfectly made eyebrows? Microblading is not drawing a whole new set of eyebrows, they are an enhancement of a natural brow. That feels and looks most natural to one’s face and gives their facial features an even more stunning appearance.

Microbladed eyebrows give the clients all the freedom with sports and swimming, going to the beach and having fun in the sun. There is no smudging. Professionally done eyebrows save you a ton of time each morning, as your morning make up routine dramatically shortens.

Microblading is not tattooing

Contrary to popular belief, eyebrows microblading is not tattooing. It is done by hand and each hair is individually made, using a blade resembling a felt pen, leaving really nothing else but a line, representing a hair that looks like it has been there all along. Before the procedure, the stylist will carefully measure out client’s facial features. With the help of the divine caliper will gently draw the brows the client’s face was made for. Once the client is happy with what they see, the stylist will begin working.

Tools, used in the procedure, are meticolously made, using stainless steel or flexible plastic, with several different options depending on the client’s desired shape, skin and hair type. Different number of pins on the blade determine the depth of incision and thickness of the hair being made.

Colors, used in microblading, are always individually determined and mixed especially for you. Assuring the most natural possible outcome, exactly matching the client’s natural brow color and perfectly corresponding to the hair color and skin type and ofcourse, the client’s preference.

Perfect eyebrows

Micrloblading goes beyond just wanting perfect eyebrows. It is at the same time a perfect solution for patients with alopecia or other medical conditions resulting in body hair loss. Confidence of people, who are affected by these medical conditions, especially women, often plummets and with this rather simple procedure, we can help regain it and enhance the quality of their lives despite battling an illness.

Eyebrows microblading is not forever

Microblading however, is not forever. Typically, the clear and structured lines will last around a year, depending on client’s skin type and care. After that, you make an appointment with our stylist again and repeat the procedure. This is a wonderful opportunity for the client to maybe change something about their eyebrows that was not corresponding to their style or preference, or maybe adapt their eyebrows to a new hair color.

Be the one to enable your clients a new boost of confidence! Bring out their best facial features and let their eyes shine, framed by pure perfection. Let them enjoy the luxury of slow mornings, not worrying about spending too much time in front of the mirror and free them from worrying how their eyebrows look everytime they do sports, enjoy at the seaside or go out to party with their friends.

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