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Skin tightening

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be able to train to become something you have always wanted to be? In the comfort of your own home, with all the support from your mentors? And an outstanding video collection, detailing everything you must know? And now imagine being able to take all that knowledge and convert it to a lucrative business or just expand your already successful and established career. If it just something you have always wanted to do, or maybe you have a family at home and want to be able to freely manage your time, you just might be at the right place.

We all know how very important feeling good is. Our lives are getting more and more stressful. The environment is facing polution and the combination of these factors and a couple more thrown in for good measure. And here we are… Some sun damage, some wrinkles, saggy eyelids… And ofcourse no one wants invasive surgeries, with long recovery times, pain, and more than not, obviously unnatural features.

Skin tightening at Privé

That is why we at Privé decided to show you what our fibroblast skin tightening treatment can do. And we want you to learn it as well. Help other people with their insecurities, but also help yourself to a job you’ve always wanted, a career you’ve dreamed of and the financial situation you deserve. The videos will take you through six different chapters. Thoroughly will introducing you to the materials you’ll be using, skin, collagen formation, all the treatment detail and ofcourse a healing and aftercare section.

Effects of the treatment are visible right away

Fibroblast skin tightening is performed using a small electric arch which is transmitted through a small probe. The arc causes minor superficial damage to the upper skin layer, causing new skin to generate collagen and elastin. Those exact fibers that tend to fade as we age. With the procedure done, the client may have a minor swelling, if the procedure was done in the eye area. Otherwise the tiny crusts that form, naturally fall off in a matter of days. Effects of the treatment are visible right away. But it is not until three to four weeks after the procedure that the full effect shows. This is because it takes a couple of weeks for  the skin to enter a collagen and connective tissue growth phase. Even though we are sure that the clients will love the immediate effect, you can asure them it will only get better from there on.

Your clients may be enjoying the result of fibroblast skin tightening for the next two to four years. With only one or two procedures required to get the results. It is a really good deal – affordable price, great results.

Privé Academy

Our academy will equip you with everything you need. You will get a full video tutorial, a professional kit with the best device currently available, a set of pre- and after treatment creams and some additional training material. All you have to do is to follow your dreams, build your own empire and we are here to help.

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