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Sugar Scrub

When Coconut Makes Your Day

Many things can make your day. Kittens, for example. A caring friend. Good news. Warm summer sun. Or a fantastic cosmetic product that makes you feel like you are lying under the warm summer sun even when you are not.

First Impression

It comes in a neat little round black box with big Sugar Scrub inscription on it. But it is way more than just an ordinary sugar scrub. It is a foamy sugar scrub with coconut particles – and it smells absolutely divine. But we all know that looks (and apparently also smells) aren’t everything, right?

Sugar Scrub Feels Great

BYROKKO’s Sugar Scrub with Coconut feels good to the touch. Its structure its kind of foamy and sugary, making you feel like you are touching a cloud. A cloud that has pieces of coconut in it! Applying some of it to the skin, it quickly becomes clear that the coconut offers a good, yet still gentle scrub. Have I mentioned already that it smells great?


The skin feels soft, silky and nurtured after use. It is also kind of shiny, like a healthy skin would look like. Almost like it has been exposed to just the right amount of sun and sea water to feel sexy. Have I mentioned already that it smells like the summer?

Other Characteristics of Sugar Scrub with Coconut

They are obviously some things about the scrub that can’t be observed directly after just one use. Like that it efficiently removes dead skin cells. Or that it stimulates skin regeneration. But good scrubs do that, and BYROKKO’s coconut scrub is great. It contains only natural ingredients and is appropriate also for vegans. Could be a great gift for a woman of any age as it feels like a luxury skin treatment. And we all love these, don’t we?