Need a Ride to the Airport?

Ride to the Airport
Ride to the Airport

Three options usually come to mind. First, you can drive to the airport yourself with your own car and park it there. Second, you can take public transport. And third, you can ask a friend to drive you. But all these options obviously have disadvantages, too. What are they? And are there any other options?

Driving to the Airport in Your Own Car

The most comfortable option by popular belief, but it is far from perfect. You might get tired after a long drive to the airport, plus parking your car there for a few days or weeks can be really expensive. In addition, your car then won’t be available to your family.

Public Ride to the Airport

A great and cheap option, at least in theory. In reality, it can be far from comfortable. Public transportation to distant airports is quite limited and often requires taking an additional bus or train ride to get to your final destination. This also costs a whole lot of energy and time.

To the Airport with a Friend

A great option indeed, but your friend will have to invest a lot of gas and especially time to get you there and then drive back. And most people just don’t have so much time to waste.

An Alternative: Organized Airport Transfer

If none of the options above makes sense due to related costs, there is a great alternative. Most people who frequently travel by plane use it regularly nowadays.

Airport transfers can get you to your chosen airport reliably for a low price. Even if you are travelling to a foreign airport, for example Ljubljana Venice. And the same goes for getting back home. You can quickly and comfortably travel to your home, for example in the direction of Trieste airport Ljubljana.

Private and Shared Transfers

Airport transfers with a van or other vehicles usually offer 2 possibilities. You can order a private transfer just for yourself. Or you can join other passengers in a shared airport transfer, who want to get to the same airport on the same day. The latter is of course even cheaper. Shared transfers from Ljubljana and other big cities are available very often. But you need to reserve your spot before the ride is full.


Airport Transfers TripstAir

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