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Summer Classes

Best Summer Classes to Take This Year

You have always wanted to learn programming, so this is an obvious choice, right? Programming is a big deal in today’s digital world. Well, it’s only that programming makes people sit behind computers all day and night, and this is probably not how you imagine your summer. Perhaps a language class? A great choice, but do you know how exactly will you put your new knowledge to good use in the future? What about something that can bring you solid foundations for a successful future and a great summer at the same time?

ABC Business Academy’s Best Summer Courses for Talented Students and Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Here are our summer business school programs in a nutshell. Collaboration with world’s leading companies. Experienced and successful entrepreneurs as mentors and advisers. Practical challenges that will help you develop your own business idea. Networking with like-minded people who will help you build the future of business. Some time off to hang out with your new friends and explore the wonders of your chosen location.

And there are three fantastic locations to choose from for your summer business education. Silicon Valley, the most awe-inspiring tech hub of the world. Toronto, the home to some of North America’s most successful and innovative businesses. And Munich, one of the leading and most exciting European business hubs of today.

And It’s Not Just Business Knowledge You Are Gaining …

That’s by far the most important thing for your future, sure, but it’s not all our summer business school programs have to offer. You will also get to visit some of the world’s most attractive places, such as Niagara Falls, San Francisco or the magical Neuschwanstein Castle that served as Disney’s inspiration for their fairytale structures. You will also meet and connect with an international cast of aspiring and established entrepreneurs, who will broaden your cultural horizons. And you will also earn some ECTS credits, if this is what you are after…

Come, have fun & learn business from the best!

Summer Classes
Take Summer Classes

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