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Business School for Aspiring Young Entrepreneurs

ABC Business Academy’s Business School for Aspiring Young Entrepreneurs

Imagine dozens of thick textbooks at your grasp every day. A classic classroom with an elegant and soft-spoken, yet somewhat dull teacher. Hours and hours of reading, learning how the great minds of the early and late 20th century did business. 

Now forget all about that and join a business school that will actually bring you one step closer to developing your own successful business that is ready to compete with other businesses of the 21st century. Join the ABC Business Academy’s business school.

Choose Your Own Way to the Top with right Business School

There are actually three business schools for aspiring young entrepreneurs to choose from. Silicon Valley business Academy in the USA, where you will learn how to think like world’s most innovative business leaders. Then the Toronto Business Academy in Canada, where you will shape your amazing business idea to an actual business plan with the help of top mentors. Or the Munich Business Academy, where you will work with other aspiring entrepreneurial minds to solve complex challenges of modern startups in order to successfully lead your own startup one day.

Three fantastic summer business courses to choose from in three amazing business hubs of the world. But they all have something in common…

Business Education for the 21st Century

Instead of making you memorize concepts from textbooks, we prefer giving you the opportunity to learn in person from successful entrepreneurs and business leaders. Instead of individuality we stimulate cooperation. Instead of theory we advocate practical experience. Instead of focusing on the past, we aim to focus on the future by only learning from the past. And instead of sitting in a classroom for hours day after day we prefer to make learning about business more interesting and exciting by visiting companies, organizing networking events, challenging you with competitions and sharing other memorable experiences with you.

If you are looking for a business school that will prepare you for the contemporary business world, you have just found it. Don’t hesitate and join us while we co-shape the future of business.

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