About us


Born in Maribor, I received my education at the Faculty of Humanities, where I studied anthropology, international relations and media studies.

My career began as a journalist specializing in the field of arts, culture and social issues. Later, I tried my hand at being the editor-in-chief of magazines focused on travel, cuisine and lifestyle. Today I hold the position of head of product strategy at Globalna Perspektiva d.o.o.

My blog started as a personal project, a passionate platform to express my views on global issues. Over the next decade, he grew into an influential authority on art, culture, travel and contemporary lifestyle.

I now create content for my blog and also contribute to magazines in Austria, Italy and elsewhere. In addition, I am the author of five books. I enjoy being a consultant to different brands and creators.

I am happily married and the father of three beautiful daughters. My home is in the idyllic city of Maribor.